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Raising awareness at AIDS 2018

The idea behind Know It Name It Love It was conceived during the 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) in Amsterdam. It all began when, among the efforts of the youth presence at the conference, a stigma-free space was dedicated to conversations about vulvas, vaginas, and SRHR. 

Following on 
our passion to demystify misconceptions around women's sexual lives, female genital anatomy, and celebrate the role genitals play in body diversity, we created an interactive booth which included, amongst others, posters tackling stigmas associated with HIV/AIDS, menstruation, women's reproductive health, and sexual pleasure. The space also welcomed euphemisms and myths surrounding vaginas from across the globe, as well as a diagram of the female reproductive system so the public could NAME each part.

Over the 5-day conference, we had hundreds of conversations with visitors from around the world. Together, we found ways to chat, laugh, share, and connect over topics that we are all curious about but had felt off-limits until today!

We believe that conversations around Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) don’t have to be uncomfortable, and being able to talk about vulvas, vaginas, and our periods in public spaces is a great place to dive in. Visitors also had the chance to celebrate vulva diversity through Hilde Atalanta’s initiative, The Vulva Gallery and of course, take photos in our 2m-tall GIANT VULVA!

Check out UNAIDS's visit to the Vulva Booth and the gallery below!

"How can we have meaningful conversations about sex and protection if we can't say the word vagina?" 


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